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We are Harvest Sarasota.

However you got here,


Love lives here at the Harvest Sarasota. If you’re new here, check out this page with a letter from our pastors. Throughout our website you’ll learn about who we are, what we believe, what we do, and how you can get involved. Come find out for yourself what the Harvest is doing at one of our services or by watching online!

Listen Online
Sundays at 10am at Harvest Church – 3650 17th Street, Sarasota
Wednesdays Spiritual Development Class with Harvest House 7pm
KidsCity Children’s church during services
A church for those tho have given up on church!

Current Series

The End of Fear

November 27, 2022
Pastor Dan Minor preaches about the harmful effects, both spiritual and emotional, of fear-based religion.
In today's message, Pastor Dan talks about how God never intended for us to look the same, think the same, and vote the same. Through opening ourselves up to our…
Today's sermon is a hard talk on relationships. Do you ever wonder how all your relationship trouble seems to come all at once? Something going wrong one place seems to…

Flipping Tables

November 6, 2022
It's an interesting thing that Jesus' first action after performing His first miracle at the wedding in Cana. We've all heard the story. Jesus goes into the temple and turns…
In today’s message Pastor Dan asks a few of the questions that we aren’t supposed to ask. Do you ever feel like God is cruel? Do you ever wonder if…
Pastor Dan Minor takes the story of the blind man healed in John 9 to look at how Jesus reacted to those that didn't fit into the box of what…
Do you ever find yourself dwelling on the one negative thing even though you have so many things to be grateful for? Turns out you aren't alone and science backs…

No More Noise

October 9, 2022
Pastor Dan Minor preaches on how our faith, and our prayers, need to be accompanied with practical actions that help improve the lives of those around us.
We have a casual service following Hurricane Ian. Pastor Dan Minor gives a message that ask the question of what we should do with the gratitude of Sarasota being sparred…

Make Good Famous

September 18, 2022
In today's message, Pastor Dan Minor compares and contrasts the stories of two miracles and what it tells us about Jesus capacity for compassion for the afflicted, as well as…
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