Who We Are


These core values are the culture of The Harvest and what you can expect to experience when you visit us.

Culture is the personality of the church… this is how we do things here.


When many sit around waiting on a sign from God to feed the poor, house the homeless, etc…we believe the Word of God is specific enough and commands us to act. We pray his will and then we go out and do it.


We honor the wisdom and experience of the older generation and embrace the passion and ideas of the younger generation. We place great value on all ages and leave no room for empty patronization.


We believe that hope is always realistic in the Kingdom. We actually believe that people can be free from 20 year life shattering drug addiction and never go back. We are not a fearfully pessimistic people, but we always see the glass as half full and are upbeat and enthusiastic.


We will try any good idea at least once. We are not afraid to try new things and we are not afraid to “can” an idea if it doesn’t work. We give people the freedom to fail.


We appreciate and value the cultural and ethnic diversity of our congregation and the city around us.


We are ever determined yet always playful. We have a sense of humor and never take ourselves too seriously. There is a certain freedom that comes from being childlike and playful and that liberty keeps us from becoming jaded and overwhelmed.


Worship is not a warm-up for the message. We worship with intensity, passion, and great emotion. Worship is not our duty or service, it is an opportunity to spend time in the presence of our King.


We welcome everyone through the doors of our church, regardless of sin, past mistakes, or reputation. We see the best in people and are a relational people that seek meaningful new friendships every chance we get.


We clear the bench and hate pecking orders. We empower people to be an effective part of the Body of Christ and remove unnecessary qualifiers. We are a movement of mobilization and are not looking for perfect people but are actively searching for people of passion and willingness.


We promote what God is doing and what God has promised to do. We never focus on what the enemy is plotting against us. We don’t thrive in morbid or tribulation focused environments. We concentrate our efforts on the here and now and never on gloom and doom.


The mission statement of The Harvest is to serve the community, especially the disenfranchised, through the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and the redemptive message of the gospel.


The vision and the dream of The Harvest is to make the person and work of Jesus famous in our city and the nations around the world by shifting the current culture to the culture of the Kingdom through activating local people to love and serve.

We are creating a radically inclusive movement that brings personal conversion, social justice, community formation and cultural transformation that answers the call, “YOUR KINGDOM COME.”

Our Worship

At the Harvest we RESPOND to God’s passion with our own when we worship. Often the atmosphere is charged with faith and joy as we experience His love. We purposely step beyond convenience and into sacrifice, thankfulness, and liberty. People in the congregation may worship in a variety of ways at any given moment: singing, standing, dancing, shouting, raising hands, silence, quietness, laughter and/or weeping.

We passionately pursue God’s presence that others might also ENCOUNTER Him and be changed, not just for our own enjoyment. God wants to heal and deliver His people as well as save them from the power of sin. His kingdom regularly breaks into this world in demonstrations of power and glory via signs, wonders and miracles. God regularly blesses people in this place with healing and freedom.

Senior Pastor Jim & Peggy Minor, Pastor Dan Minor and our leadership want to see how much of His kingdom God will let us experience before He returns. The Lord taught us to pray: Let your kingdom come…on earth as it is in heaven.”

Our Lead Pastor

Pastor Dan Minor

On October 4th, 2015, Pastor Jim and Peggy and the Harvest family officially welcomed Dan as their new Lead Pastor.

Communicating the Gospel of Grace and the finished work of the Cross is Pastor Dan’s driving passion. He believes the church should be about “JESUS + nothing!” Seeing unchurched people groups and generations realize that God was misrepresented to them moves him. Every opportunity he gets, Dan echoes God’s heart of goodness, kindness, and wild love. God is so much better and more in love with us than we could ever imagine!

The church is in desperate need of a revolution. She needs a wakeup call to the truth that is found in the grace and mercy of Jesus. His message is for all generations, from youngest to most seasoned. Dan has a special heart for the millennial generation – full of promise, amazing ideas, and passion for social justice.  He doesn’t buy into the hype that any generation is a throwaway. The courageous spirit raging in the hearts of up and coming young leaders inspires him.

Pastor Dan Minor graduated from Booker High School in Sarasota in 1999 and the University of South Florida in 2002 with a Bachelors Degree.  Dan is currently the Lead Pastor and is also one of the worship leaders. He has two daughters, Laney Kate and miracle baby Madeline Fia.

He believes God is raising up a new breed of revivalists from within the pews of the church. He sees the next major move of God happening not because of one man or woman, but because of a multitude of Christians who finally understand that their place and calling in this world is more than just to fill a seat and donate to the church budget.

Dan desires to partner with you in seeing our city transformed and the church see her full potential as the beautiful spotless bride of Christ, will you join him?

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