Give to the Harvest

At the Harvest Sarasota, it is important you know that you are not obligated to give to us. We cannot move God’s hand with our giving, and we don’t change His heart towards us with our money (that’s good news!)

Harvest has become one of the only safe places for many marginalized people to find their faith.  We are extremely grateful for any gift of any amount to support our cause.

There are four ways you can give to the Harvest:

  1. Mail a check to 3650 17th St, Sarasota, FL 34235
  2. Give during the offering at a Sunday morning or Wednesday evening service.
  3. Text the amount you’d like to give to 941-999-3531 (e.g. $50). If you’ve donated by text before, you’ll receive a text in response confirming that your gift has been received successfully and that’s it! If it’s the first time you are donating by text, you’ll be given a link and asked to supply your payment method (credit card, debit card, or bank account). This payment source will then be linked with your phone number so that, in the future, all you will need to do is text in the amount and you won’t need to re-enter your payment information.
  4. Give online with the form below.

Online Giving

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