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A Letter from Our Pastor 

We are an inclusive, safe place for ANYONE who is looking for a church that celebrates questions and values the beauty of God’s grace and mercy for all.  If you are deconstructing your faith, we welcome you, as we are on a similar journey.  Deconstruction is beautiful, especially when you know you aren’t alone.

We LOVE ALL without any fine print.  That’s right ALL!  LGBTQ?  YES!  DEMOCRAT?  YES!  REPUBLICAN?  YES!  ADDICTS? YES!  BROKEN?  YES!  ATHIEST?  YES!  You get the point!  There is no “bait and switch” here at Harvest.

We consider ourselves a fully inclusive and affirming church for the LGBTQ+ community and believe that our LGBTQ friends deserve the same access to God as anyone else.

No matter where you are in your journey of life and faith, Harvest is a place where the love is louder and the light is brighter!  We miss you even if we have yet to meet!

Join us every Sunday at 10am at The Harvest Sarasota located at 3650 17th Street in Sarasota (click for a google map and directions)

Our hearts are for the community of Sarasota to experience church in a whole new way. We want to cultivate a body of believers and people who are actively pastoring our city by removing the chains of religious control and church hierarchy. We believe that God is calling His people (not just the five-fold ministry), to be the practical love of Jesus to the world around them.

Come experience a new way of doing church in Sarasota! At The Harvest in Sarasota, you are always welcome.

Visit Us

The Harvest, 3650 17th Street, Sarasota, FL 34235

Service Times:
Sundays 10:00AM
3650 17th Street, Sarasota

Childcare available for all services. Learn more about Kids City Church.

Not in Sarasota? Can’t make it to a service?

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