But Wait, There’s More

But Wait, There’s More
August 9, 2020

But Wait, There’s More

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Have you ever asked your self, “What if I don’t have enough?”

Pastor Dan Minor talks about how this scarcity mindset can ruin our hope for the future when we serve a God that always has enough. From manna in the wilderness to feeding five thousand, God always has enough. He even provides when we don’t deserve it.

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  1. Russet Coviello-Reply
    August 18, 2020 at 3:00 pm

    Sometimes I feel guilty because of all the blessings I have when others do not. Then I realized I had to stop thinking that way because that was not from my sovereign God. It was the enemy telling me I did not deserve those blessings. Thru the Word I was to just be thankful for all of them as it was a gift from a God of abundance to His child. What a relief that I no longer had to feel guilt. In fact when I was in the mindset of scarcity it was hurtful to God that His abundance was not enough. So this message was so right on at this time.

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